Green roof research

Research and development of green roofs and vegetation technology

Innovation is an integral part of the corporate culture at ZinCo, which is why we collaborate regularly on various research projects with third-level institutions and other partners.

Current projects:

Green roof and photovoltaic solar energy

To measure the electricity generated with PV systems on different types of green roof in order to establish the perfect combination of green roof and photo voltaic system. To enhance biodiversity.

The aim is to find the perfect combination of plants for the green roof, solar cells and irrigation management without losing sight of maintenance requirements. With this variety of species, flora and fauna are examined in order to allow conclusions to be drawn about their ecological significance. Measuring the electricity generated in the course of the day and at module level will provide us with detailed findings on the influence of the various types of green roof. The electricity is measured DC-side before the inverters.

Duration: Start of pre-test June 2012, main test at the Scheidegg facility from autumn 2013 to June 2015.

Project partner(s):

SolarSpar association, Switzerland

Sponsored by climate funds, Stadtwerk Winterthur, Switzerland

Additional partners from industry

Green roof and photovoltaic solar energyGreen roof and photovoltaic solar energy

Project GreenUrbanClimate in Vienna, Austria

The aim of the project is to achieve an innovation and turnover boost in the greening of buildings and percolation capability of pathways. The design of green roofs and façade greening and percolation-capable pathways are examined, as are new designs.

With regard to green roofing, microclimatic, water management and thermal protection properties and vegetation development are examined in detail. Using a model town, the properties and effects of design on the water balance and the microclimate are calculated and their medium to long term significance simulated with the help of climate models. On the basis of the findings from these simulation models, targets for urban climate and water balance are derived and spatial planning instruments are developed for the authorities to enable these goals to be achieved. Moreover, a study will provide evidence of the effects of greening on the value and the saleability of real estate. On the basis of a cost-benefit analysis, a planning guide will be created for developers and new relevant funding regulations for residential building will be drawn up.

Duration: 1 July 2010-28 March 2013 – extended to the end of September 2013.

Project partner(s):

Universität für Bodenkultur "Boku" Wien, Institut f. Ingenieurbiologie und Landschaftsbau

Verband für Bauwerksbegrünung in Austria

Sponsored by: FFG – Österreichische Forschungsförderungsgesellschaft and other consortium partners from industry

Green urban climate projectGreen urban climate project

EU Research Project "Green Roof Systems" (IAPP)

Basic research on individual layers of green roof system build-ups (drainage, substrate, plants) and also in combination as a system build-up.

A research project taking place over a period of four years in three work packages as basic research investigating the function and effectiveness of green roofs. The project examined, for example, water transport within the system build-up and the evapotranspiration performance. Testing was carried out in labs, using rainfall simulators and on two test roofs (Sheffield and near Nürtingen). On conclusion of the project, the research findings were presented at a conference held in Sheffield in April 2013.

Duration: Start 2009, duration 4 years. End 04/2013.

Project partner(s):

University of Sheffield

Funded by the EU as part of the programme "Industry-Academia Partnerships and Pathways" (IAPP) in the 7th Research Framework Programme.

Research on individual layers of green roof system build-upsResearch on individual layers of green roof system build-ups

Klimopass University of Hohenheim

Cooling effects of extensive green roof vegetation – long-term measurement in the form of experiments with individual plant types and plant combinations.

In Hohenheim, standard green roof build-ups with differing plant growth habits and combinations of these were set up in test containers. The water run-off quantity of each container is measured regularly. In addition to findings on the cooling effect, this allows for conclusions to be drawn on the effect of each vegetation on water run-off behaviour.

Duration: Start 1 July 2013. End 31 October 2014.

Project partner(s):

University of Hohenheim – Institut für Landschafts- und Pflanzenökologie

Sponsored by the State of Baden-Württemberg within the framework of the programme "Climate change and model-based adaptation in Baden-Württemberg (KLIMOPASS)"

Experiments with green roof plantsExperiments with green roof plants

Urban Gardening

Demo project on the topic of urban gardening.

Build-ups with differing substrate depths and application examples on the topic of urban farming are presented on the roof areas of standard garages.

Duration: Start late summer 2013, duration indefinite.

Project partner(s):

Staatsschule für Gartenbau und Landwirtschaft Hohenheim

Gebrüder Ott Betonwerke GmbH & Co.KG

Urban gardeningUrban gardening