Roof garden

Load Bearing Capacity

3.  What is the Weight of a Green Roof?

Elements of green roof build-up.

Green roof weights vary depending on the thickness of the build-up. A thin layered extensive green roof, when saturated with water, will weight around 95 kg/m². Light-weight solutions are available starting from ca. 60 kg/m².

An intensive green roof requires a higher load bearing capacity. Depending on the build-up height and the vegetation, the weight of simple intensive green roofs starts with ca. 195 kg/m². More luxurious green roofs such as our "Roof Garden" type imply more weight, starting from ca. 340 kg/m². On roofs with with less load bearing capacity, intensive green roofs are still possible with ZinCo's ingenious new system build-up "Summer Plains", whose weight starts with ca. 170 kg/m².

Calculations: When calculating the load bearing capacity, building architects and civil engineers are able to provide the necessary information. Often, roofers and carpenters are also able to help with these calculations.