ZinCo System Superstructures for Extensive and Intensive Landscaped Roofs

When designing and installing a green roof, it is important to provide a growing environment as close as possible to the plant's natural environment. The most important factor is to compensate for the lack of subsoil. Each layer of a ZinCo green roof build-up is conceived to take over the relevant functions of the missing ground. A durable plant coverage is guaranteed.

Green roof system

1. Root Barrier (optional)

Prevents roots from penetrating the roof membrane. Only necessary if the waterproofing is not root resistant (FLL certified).

2. Moisture Retention / Protection Mat

Provides mechanical protection to the root barrier and retains moisture and nutrients.

3. Drainage Layer

Retains water in troughs on the upper side whilst excess water drains away safely through the channels inbetween. Strategically located holes provide the necessary aeration of the root area.

4. Filter Sheet

Prevents fine particles from being washed out of the substrate soil, thereby ensuring the efficiency of the drainage layer.

5. Growing Layer

Engineered growing medium based on minerals and organic material.  It suits the needs of the green roof vegetation and provides for a stable growing environment.

6. Plant Level

Varieties of plants selected according to climate, landscape design, load bearing capacity and desired benefits to building owners and communities.

European Technical Approval

Many ZinCo system build-ups have been granted a European Technical Approval. Read more