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CPD seminars – Learn More about the Landscaping of Roofs

ZinCo as one of the global market leaders in the green roof industry with an experience of more than 40 years supply state-of-the-art system solutions for the landscaping of roofs and urban structures. The ZinCo CPD seminar “System Solutions for Landscapes on Urban Structures” provides a detailed overview of the wide range of ZinCo system solutions and their correct use. It shows how ZinCo systems suit the great diversity of roof types (flat, pitched, inverted roofs etc.) and meet the most diverse requirements of soft and hard landscaping on roofs and surfaces – from simple extensive green roofs via landscaped roof gardens to the most sophisticated designs including paving solutions for walkways and driveways on urban structures. A stormwater management roof build-up – one of the most recent ZinCo innovations – will be presented as well. Add-on solutions for safety on roofs and rooftop solar installation bases round up the ZinCo CPD. All system solutions presented will be illustrated by interesting case studies.

To summarize, the main topics of the ZinCo CPD are:

  • Systems for Landscaped Roofs
  • Urban Paving Solutions
  • Add-on Roof Applications
  • Stormwater Management Roofs

However, the CPD session will also highlight why urban greening has become so important nowadays and it will give architects and planners a better understanding of how landscapes on roofs and urban structures work, what aspects have to be taken into account in the planning process and what types of ZinCo system solutions are available to meet specified requirements and ensure the permanent success of a project.

The CPD can be held as a 1 hour session, but can also be offered as an extended seminar. To receive further information or arrange a CPD presentation call 01223 853843 or email office@zinco-greenroof.co.uk

Bridging Trades – Safe Section Changeover: Roofing Technology – Vegetation Technology

Bridging Trades - Safe Section ChangeoverEven the best laid Green Roof plans can go wrong if the underlying roof is not prepared to meet demands. Therefore, the International Green Roof Association (IGRA) has developed a new guideline, "Bridging Trades – Safe Section Changeover: Roofing Technology – Vegetation Technology". The content of the IGRA Guidelines is made up of two main modules:

  • A checklist that provides a clear and concise overview of current examination criteria for the roof and vegetation technology interface.
  • A commentary volume that provides further explanations and graphic material of all technical terms and questions in the checklist.

The guideline is not only designed for Green Roof installers and roofers. It is also designed for architects, planners and developers who can take advantage of the practical and legal references.

Download online version