ZinCo-proven system solutions for Barbican Beech Gardens

ZinCo-proven system solutions for Barbican Beech Gardens

Press release, 26 November 2015

Flourishing wildflower vegetation
Flourishing wildflower vegetation for the Beech Gardens at the Barbican Estate.

Barbican Beech Gardens
Replanting of Beech Gardens forming part of the Barbican development in the City of London.

Hardly any other roof shape allows for such a variety of uses as the flat roof. Depending on the design, a green roof offers a new habitat for fauna and flora and utilizable open and recreational space for people. The more densely populated an urban area the more invaluable is such space. As a pioneer for more than 40 years in matters relating to green roofs, the name ZinCo stands for permanently reliable green roof systems – suitable for any roof and any design.

Whether it’s a typical flat roof with a 2 % pitch, a 0°-roof or a pitched roof up to 35°, ZinCo systems can be used to create successful rooftop landscapes. ZinCo will supply the system build-up that is most suited to a roof, in line with the roof shape, structure and any specific greening requirements given.

Green at its most diverse

There are basically two types of green roofs: extensive and intensive. In addition to extensive green roofs that function as an ecological protective layer, intensive green roofs also offer the entire spectrum of landscape designs. An intensive green roof can include lawns, perennials, shrubs and trees, frequently in combination with paved areas, terraces, playgrounds or water features. Even driveways can be accommodated, for example, over underground car parks, provided the structural integrity is given and the correct build-up is used. In the sector of intensive greening ZinCo is one of the few specialists able to provide tested and proven build-up systems for sophisticated designs in hard and soft landscaping on rooftops. In addition, ZinCo offers the option of build-ups that allow for the combination of solar energy plant and green roof, therefore, exploiting synergy effects.

Intensive roof garden with reduced maintenance need for Barbican Beech Gardens

One of the most recent projects ZinCo took part in was the replanting of Beech Gardens, forming part of the Barbican Estate in the City of London. This retrofit project was based on a new design concept by the Landscape Agency in York in cooperation with Nigel Dunnett from the University of Sheffield. To meet the requirement of a significant reduction of irrigation and maintenance needs for Beech Gardens, their design concept provided naturalistic meadow-like flower-rich vegetation being, however, robust and drought-resistant enough to tolerate low water availability and requiring only little maintenance throughout the year. ZinCo provided the necessary green roof system for this ambitious landscape scheme.

The long-proven ZinCo drainage element Floradrain® FD 60 forms the heart of the build-up providing for a balanced water-air supply in addition to draining off excess water and at the same time storing enough water given the absence of any additional irrigation. The ZinCo WSB 100-PO root barrier was laid out on top of the waterproofing to avoid any roof penetration and covered by an additional layer of ZinCo ISM 50 high-grade protection mat to protect the surfaces underneath from any mechanical damage. The ZinCo filter sheet SF was installed on top of the drainage element to separate it from the subsequent substrate layer and ensure permanent reliability and performance. The build-up was completed by a special blended intensive green roof growing medium which perfectly suits the planting scheme. The substrate depth varies from approx. 200 mm beneath the perennials to approx. 900 mm in areas where trees are planted.

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