The Ecological Benefits of a Green Roof

Green roofs retain rainwater

Provides Rainwater Management

Depending on the green roof design, the immediate water run-off can be reduced by 50–90%, greatly reducing drainage flow rates. This enables the rainwater management system to be reduced in capacity, thereby greatly reducing construction costs.


Green roofs improve the microclimate

Improves the Microclimate

Green roofs cool and humidify the surrounding air. Thus they create a beneficial microclimate within their immediate area and contribute to improving the microclimate in urban centres. Coordinated urban green roof development can significantly reduce the so-called “Heat Island” effect.

Green roofs bind toxic particles

Binds Dust and Toxic Particles

Green roof vegetation helps to filter out dust and smog particles. Nitrates and other harmful materials are absorbed by the plants out of the air and rainfall and bound within the substrate.


Green roofs reduce sound reflexion

Improves Noise Protection

Planted areas are natural sound insulators and absorb more sound than hard surfaces. Green roofs reduce reflective sound by up to 3 dB and improve sound insulation by up to 8 dB. This is very effective for buildings near airports, noisy nightclubs and factories.

Green roofs help compensate for green spaces

Provides Natural Biodiverse Habitats

Landscaped roofs compensate for green spaces, which are lost to building development. They provide natural habitats for wildlife and bring nature back into the cities.


Utilising recycling materials for green roofs

Supports Recycling

Green roofs make extensive use of recycled and recyclable products, saving further valuable resources. Rubber, polyethylene and expanded polystyrene rigid foam are used in the production of drainage elements. The mono clay material Zincolit® and humus are the basis for the production of ZinCo rooftop garden system soils. The most important criterion is the quality of the product, which is tested by recognised institutes and research bodies.