Green roofs offer financial benefits

The Economical Benefits of a Green Roof

Green roofs retain rainwater

Increases Water Retention

A green roof can reduce water run-off by 50–90%; any remaining water flows from the roof with a delay. Outlets, pipes and drains can be reduced in capacity, thereby saving construction costs. Sewer costs can be reduced in some areas.

Green roofs reduce renovation costs

Reduces Renovation Costs

A green roof protects the waterproofing from climate extremes, UV exposure and mechanical damage. This greatly increases the life expectancy of the waterproofing and results in reduced maintenance and replacement costs.

Green roofs reduce energy costs

Reduces Energy Costs

A green roof has the ability to buffer temperature extremes and improve the buildings energy performance.


Green roofs offer additional space

Provides Additional Space

Converting or designing normally unused areas into green roofs, particularly for recreational or sporting use not only makes use of expensive space, but saves the costs of purchasing additional land. Green roofs often assist in gaining planning consent.